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Silver Wolf Walks Alone demontrates the art of smudging, ceremony, medicine, and spiritual healing of the sage plant. The importance of sages place in native american culture is shared with all in this very informative paper back. Includes suggestions for using in combination with other scents, as well as a discription of various types of sage, and their origins.


Sacred Sage was written to honor the spirit of the sagebrush during Wendy Whiteman's first walkabout in 1988. In the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico, she found herself harvesting sage covering the base of the mountains. This best selling book describes how to use sage for healing. 


Sage clears away energy and is used for spiritual ceremonies, cleansing space, and clearing away past energetic presence. We encourage you to use sage responsibly and with the intention to respect the energy and history of the plant.

Sacred Sage: How It Heals

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